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ABYSS CAD- software editor for marine industry

Abyss CAD, founded in 2012, is a professional software publisher for marine industries. Our project was awarded in the contest of young innonvantes companies organized by the Community of the Pays d'Aix in 2012.

Our goal is to become an essential enterprise in the field of software development related to human activities in the oceans (communication, energy, logistics, ...)

At the crossroads of knowledge between mechanics, numerical simulations, geomatics and IT development, our software enable our customers to analyze and secure their infrastructure facility projects at sea or their maintenance actions.

The specialization of our software is their strongest point; we make a point of honor to understand the business of our clients and offer them a customized software that meets their own problems.

We develop simple software to facilitate their use and quickly obtain the support of the user teams.

Our skills also enable us to respond to projects in other fields of activity: nuclear, aerospace, building and construction ...

Our expertise

ABYSS CAD- expertise for software development
  • Project managment :
    V-Cycle, Agile/Scrum, GANTT

  • Management and motivation of development teams

  • Technical analysis and requirements

  • Technical monitoring

Our technical skills

ABYSS CAD- technical skills for software development
  • Programming :
    UML, Object-oriented programming, several languages (C, C++, C#, Java), real time, web (HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Symfony2, JQuery, Bootstrap)

  • Visualization 2D/3D :
    OpenGL, Unity 3D, WebGL

  • Databases :
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL), XML, Talend

  • Operating systems :
    Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Phone

Examples of software developped by Abyss CAD

software developped by Abyss CAD
  • Myosotis : Software for preparation and simulation of cable lay.

  • Stationis : Software for optimization of floating windturbine farm.

  • Project embedded camera : Embedded application for controlling the quality of surface of aircraft wings.