Embedded Camera project

ABYSS CAD- Embedded application of a camera for quality surface control

The project will design and develop a generic standalone module able to power a non-intrusive instrumentation on board aircraft.

A first application is to monitor / control the surface condition and deformation profiles of leading edges of the wings of commercial aircraft. In a feasibility phase it is planned to take pictures of events from the leading edge of an A320 for several months. The photos will be collected every two days over a wireless link. Photo frame rate depends on the phases of flight. Each snapshot taken is associated with its location using GPS.

Abyss CAD develops embedded application for :

  • Determining the phase of flight as a function of parameters of the instruments (GPS, compass, accelerometer)
  • Setting the pace shooting, store and geotag
  • Uploading pictures recorded when the aircraft is stationed at its home port

The characteristics of embedded application

ABYSS CAD- The characteristics of embedded application developped by Abyss CAD
  • Programming :
    C# (Visual Studio)

  • Operating system :
    Windows Phone 8.1